More info!

How did it all start?
At saturday the 24th Sepbember 2005 3 of my friends had planned a suprise for me (I turned 19 at the 25th September). The suprise was that they drove me to Torsgård. (7 km north of Visby) where they have an 8 meters high indoorclimbingwall. There we got to try on climbing. Our instructor said to me that she thought that I was good at climbing and she thought that I should start with it. I thought it was fun to climb so I was considering if I maybe should start with it.

It took me a while before I "got my thumb out of my ass". But in Januari 2006 me and my friend Jakob Lindby did go to an beginners' course of "topropeclimbing indoor" on Torsgård. After that we both became members of Visby Climbingclub and The Swedish Climbingunion and we started to climb 1-2 times a week on the climbingwall at Torsgård (the picture here to the right).

Started at my own climbingwall.
In February 2006 I thought that I could build my own climbingwall, so then I don't have to drive about 70 miles (return journey) to Torsgård every time I want to climb.
My grandfather (Bertil Olofsson) has an old cowshed here in Ardre (Alsarve 3:1) and I was thinking that there I could build mu climbingwall. We discussed it and we decided that I could use a part of his cowshed to build my own climbingwall. On Monday the 20th February 2006 I started to clean up and move away stuff from that area that I was going to build the climbingwall.

It was a lot to clean out, there was a lot of old hay (the picture here to the right) and some old sheepshit (because we had sheep/lamb ther a few years ago). But after many hours of hard work it started to get empty on that part that I was going to build on, ca 6x7 meter

Building time.
Now I'm building as much as I can. I'm building the climbingwall with 15 mm fir plywood and rule behind with 2x6 inches respective 2x7 inches. I'm also isolate all the walls and roof so I can have a little heat on so one also can climb when it's really cold outside.

To be continued...

Torsgårds climbingwall

Alsarve hayloft